Architektur und Interior Design

Sommerkurse - Architektur und Interior Design

15 – 29 June


This year, Bauhaus has celebrated its’ 100th year anniversary. Not only has architecture and design that was produced in the legendary school had a major impact on society, but also the didactical methods established at the Bauhaus have been adopted in schools of architecture and design all over the world. The course analyses the school and its impact over the past 100 years.


Lecturer: Yelta Köm

6 – 20 July


This is an introductory course on furniture design that starts with researching contemporary approaching in furniture design, and the use of furniture in different cultural contexts. The course continues into the technical production, aesthetics, ergonomic needs, materials and surfaces of furniture, ending with the design and visualization of a piece of furniture through two and three dimensional drawings, models and mock-ups. 


Materials/ Equipment Needed: 

Laptop , cutter, long ruler (min. 50 cm), hot glue gun, mechanical pencil, set square, adhesive- tape (Masking Tape) 


Lecturer: Sven Hansen

27 July – 9 August


With the demographic shift in society and flow towards the cities, the discussion on healthy and affordable housing becomes essential. The course investigates existing models of housing on a global scale and inquires the future of housing. 


Lecturer: Yelta Köm

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